February 2, 2013

30 Photos in 30 Days- Days 18 - 23

I've decided to limit my photo posts to once a week. I've been really busy and to be honest, I'm more likely to finish this way. So here is the last week of January 2013 on Planet Solange ;) 

Our kitten, Foufee went on her first walk through the streets of DC. She was so cute, people were calling to her from their cars and crossing the street to pet her. She loved all the attention and the new smells.

Sunset reflections on the brick sidewalk, after the rain.

 My little supermodel enjoying the spring-like temperatures. This child never takes a bad photo.


I can't walk past a puddle without seeing another world inside it. Entrance to an alternate dimension?

My eldest daughter is magical when it comes to plants and animals. Her orchids are blooming, again!

There's nothing better than sunshine on bare toes when you get an unexpected break from winter.

The newest member of our menagerie, Chihiro. She's a Russian Blue Dumbo rat and speed demon. She is super sweet and we already adore her.

It's snowing as I type this, no more springtime for a while. It makes the memories these photos bring just that much sweeter. I hope you're out making sweet memories, too.

You can learn more about 30 in 30 and meet others who are creating a little magic every day on Chris Galvin's blog.
Please check them out, they are all wonderful.  


  1. Wow, that alternate dimension in the puddle, just wow!

    1. Other worlds are all around us ;) Glad you like it!! Thanks, Chris!