January 26, 2013

30 Photos in 30 Days – Days 12-17

It's been a week of viral distractions, animal mishaps and snowy views.  It's nice to finally have time to sit with a cup of jasmine green and edit a bit of my week to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Brilliant blue winter sky at the Smithsonian.

Delicate paw prints in the first snow of the winter.

Poor, lovely little sakura you've blossomed too soon. I think we both hope spring comes early this year. 

What is this stuff and why is it so cold? You could read the thoughts on Foufee's precious little face. She jumped into Esmé's arms after this and refused to get down. Maybe we need to get her some boots? 

Spectacular sunset lit the sky on fire, threatening to melt the snow. It was an empty threat but a lovely show. 

A gift of Kumamon from Japan. Aren't they adorable little bears?

Just can't get enough citrus this winter. Mandarin oranges and tangerines are the best!

Esmé brightened the week with her neon style. She's so confident in her individuality and her fashion sense. I was never this cool at 14.

Nora's adorable snow kitty. Don't you want to pet her? 

Speaking of petting... Rukia and Foufee snuggled together are irresistible. Had to hug them.

I hope you all stay warm and cozy this weekend. Snuggling is the perfect winter activity, isn't it?

You can learn more about 30 in 30 and meet others who are creating a little magic every day on Chris Galvin's blog.
Please check them out, they are all wonderful.  


  1. love these--all of thm--but the sky on fire is fantastic! love how it looks like the fire is coming from that chimney, and how the mysterious skyline looks so foreign.

  2. Thanks, Chris! One of the things I love most about DC is that all the row houses wear different 'hats'. That sky was astounding, I honestly didn't do it justice.

  3. I love the soft colors of the sakura blossom. Hope it survives this premature spring;.

    1. Thanks, Evelyn :) Sadly, it didn't... it's been below freezing here since. Hopefully spring will come back soon, to stay!