April 3, 2011

Kokoro Ka

I search your words for meanings
Hidden in the day to day
Stories of life you portray for me
Clues to the reasons that inspire your 
Interest when so many options exist
Differences in place, time, idiom
Matter not in context
Of the sentiments you infer
A kindness that causes 
My jaded soul to 
Dare trust again.

The ebb and flow of contact 
Once mercurial over years 
Shifts to a steady rhythmic tide 
As our bonds grow resolute
My thirst for awareness 
Of you is endless
Your belief a gift that
Intensifies my will to
Best the surging waves of doubt.

Seeing myself through your eyes 
Brings a clarity to distorted perceptions
As residual pain slowly wanes
From flowers formed of despair
Petals fall in gentle rains
Dissolving the ghosts of memory that
Deadened all possibility of bliss
Obliging laughter to take their place

As I read the stresses drain away
Your words call out to tell me I'm not alone
Spanning the differences in cultures
The miles and beliefs that could divide us 
Reaching out these words seek to 
Reveal a precious secret 
Nestled safely within a
Fragile sliver of hope
Fashioned into a question

That which I hold in my hand
Is it your heart?


  1. I like your line breaks. And I start to feel, especially at the end, an emphasis placed on the first word in each line, like the line breaks, at least at the end, are having the effect of making the first word (pop out) of what would otherwise be more like a sentence. Thx for the link. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Who is this about, for you?

  2. Thanks! Yes, that's the effect I wanted. I'm glad you like it enough to read more. It started with the photo (you can see in some of my other posts, I keep finding hearts in odd places) but it's about the positive force a good friend has been for me over the past few years. I romanticized it a bit...

  3. Hello so fortunate that Beez Me found you Your words and how this above is written impressing the feelings of the love for this person gave me the feeling of distance ( i wasn't sure if it was distance as where one is living ? or the distance that comes with two people as they begin to know each other & over time this knowing grows hence doubt changes to a trusting so on...... ) any way as i read on the distance closes to me in this poem as a love for this person grows and the OH and the last line beeutiful lol and now Im reading above me comments from you that this is about a good friend. :)) really nice to meet you Beez in Aus :))

  4. Gosh I am glad we are friends! Translation: I liked this so much and cannot wait for more stories.