January 11, 2013

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 1

My friend Chris Galvin is a fabulous writer and always a great source of inspiration to me. Now with her 30 in 30 challenge, she has motivated me to get blogging in the most wonderful way. If you need something new to do after all the holiday hustle-bustle, come join us. It could be photos, haiku, sketches or whatever strikes your fancy. If you do, I'll be glad to post a link to your blog too. Just send me a link in the comments or on Twitter.

Since I'm starting this journey anew, I thought day one's photo should reflect it...

Faith Or Foolishness ©2013

Think carefully before following another's footsteps, even when the path glitters like gold. Putting faith in yourself to know the way may turn out to be a better fit, with less blisters.

Learn more about 30 in 30 and meet others who are creating a little magic every day on Chris Galvin's blog.

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