April 3, 2012

Welcoming the Warmth

Though January starts the year, April seems to wear the label of new beginnings with a more genuine flair. It sweetens our lives, returning light and colour to us. Clearing away the dead remnants of winter, it lays a carpet of clover, dandelion and fresh green grasses. Delicate buds slowly unfurl, as fragrant flowers scent the breeze and male birds sing their songs of desire. Love is in the air, fresh asparagus is in the markets and open windows let curtains flutter lazily in the breeze. What joy simple pleasures can bring! 

I wandered the streets of Washington DC this weekend, with trusty phone in hand, capturing the signs of spring wherever I found them. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them. I'd love to know what your favourite firsts of the season are in your city. Feel free to share them in the comments! 

The warm breath of spring
brings sleepy sighs of pleasure
to my love's chilled soul

May it do the same for you. 


  1. Love them all...maybe the most, the jogger, the the dog, the kisss... :)
    About time, missus! xxx

  2. I love the doggie.

    I wanted to give you a shout out on my blog. So I did.


    Encouraging you to blog more. ;)

  3. @Jane Thank you! Especially for the much needed kick in the arse :) xxx

  4. @Tee Thank you, you're an absolute doll :)

  5. Brilliant and beautiful. I also just started a new blog in time for spring (in German however, but you can still befriend it). Cheers from Berlin!

    1. Oops. That was the wrong one. The German one is here: http://marcusspeh.de

    2. Thank you much, Marcus! That's wonderful! I'll check it out and see how much German I can still read :)

  6. Beautiful! I love the tree with the pastel balls dangling and the brick building behind it. We've just moved to Oklahoma where the wind blows constantly. I wonder how you would photograph the wind--without showing tilted trees, bushes, flowers. Well, my hair is always flying straight up and all around, guess that's one way. :)