January 15, 2013

30 Photos in 30 Days ~ Day 5 & 6

Despite the best of intentions to keep on schedule, sometimes the universe has other plans for you. So it's two blogs for the price of one today. Hopefully that's a one day special, but I can't promise.

Bare Displayed ©2013

Gloomy grey and so very January is how the week began. Will the song remain the same? We can only guess along with the weatherman, who seems to be striking out lately.

A Hint Of Spring ©2013

I received a lovely surprise today when I went grocery shopping. Out of character for me, I signed up for a Belly Card a couple of months ago. I normally shy away from anything that tracks me in my daily life (those punk rock, anarchist tendencies being hard to shake), but after checking out their site I decided to give it a go. You just scan your little card or app on the ipad at the checkout and receive points with every purchase. Doesn't hurt a bit ;) If I'm going to shop somewhere consistently why not get a few rewards for my loyalty, right? Ummm... I suppose now's the time to admit I have a Starbucks gold card too, huh? Which means I've lost my Seattle cool cred for life. Where was I? Jeez... oh yeah, flowers. I got free flowers!! Which really doesn't suck anytime, but is especially welcome on a rainy winter's day. So thank you Belly and Yes! Organic Market for brightening my desk and my day. 

(Nope, it's not a paid promotion. I just want you to get free flowers :))

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