March 1, 2011

Connected by a Voice

Do you ever imagine what a person's voice will sound like just by looking at them? Are you often right? I was thinking about how voices affect our impressions of character and how hearing a voice can strengthen your connection with online friends. As I first read the words typed in a message or chat,  I realized that I tend to imagine them in a generic voice with appropriate accent. As I get to know them better, 'the voice' transforms to fit the person I believe they are and what they mean to me. But, once I have heard their true voice, everything I read feels as if it's spoken directly to me.  I have to admit that it has also changed my opinion of a person, on occasion. Every voice is not as music to every ear. On that note, I have dared myself to share my own voice and let you decide what you will. A friend in Colombia told me I sound like a teenager after hearing it. Every Japanese man, without an exception, has found it drop dead sexy. I find that amusing, since I think it tends to sounds squeaky... compared to what I hear in my head. As penpals have evolved to chats and skype, even when you don't share a fluent common language. When friendships and love affairs are commonly conducted entirely online.... do words have more power once you hear a voice? I'd love to know your thoughts...
I made this video as a product demo (totally ad libbed) for a company I worked for in Cali. The videocamera/mp3players are called Camballs and you can find them here. Yes, those are my hands, too. I also wrote the copy for that part of the website. So if you need a copywriter or know someone who does, I am indeed for hire. Email me here


My new website is finally up and a store will be operational on it soon. I did sweat blood making this, so please check it out. Most images are for sale. Email me here for sizes and pricing. Feedback is also appreciated.

And finally, my dear and very talented friend, Kensaku Shioya has published his first book of photography. He has a unique, poetic but gritty and realistic style that is visually intoxicating.
Check out his book, "See-through Chrysalis" here or find a link to his blog and website (in English and Japanese) in my talented friends.


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